Strongly and sharply


Mereabi - new company with a long history

At the end of 2017, as part of its shipping service development strategy, BLRT Grupp acquired 100% of shares in Mereabi, which specialises in the maintenance of marine life and fire-saving appliances. Today, the company has moved its production area to Kopli, where the construction of a new modern station was completed at the end of 2018.

New chapter in Mereabi’s life

Good living conditions were created for workers on the new production site, which has servicing stations for life-saving appliances: new locker rooms and showers were built, and rest and dining rooms were equipped. To ensure a more systematic and efficient process, workstations for engineers were equipped with the necessary office equipment. The station was visited by the auditors of diferent manufacturers, marine classification societies and saw an internal audit of the holding group, which issued the product servicing licenses. Moreover, this month an external quality audit by Bureau Veritas was successfully completed.

Mereabi’s aim

It is necessary to look to the future. For that reason, we set ambitious goals to conquer the market, which can only be achieved with the help of experienced and professional specialists. In order to maintain the required level of qualifications of our team members, we conduct regular employee trainings at the production sites, as the provision of services for maintenance, repair and sale of rescue and fire-fighting equipment on ships requires the necessary licences. Today, Mereabi’s activities cover the Baltic countries, as well as Finland, Sweden, Belgium and Norway. The company works 24/7, in accordance with the needs of customers.